March 28, 2015
Cherwell Service Level Management

Service Level Management

Maintain and improve business aligned IT Service quality through Service Level Management.  Cherwell Service Management allows you to create sla targets, thresholds and other measurement criteria that best suit your needs.

View dashboards, run reports and stay compliant with customer Service Levels.  Monitor Service Level Agreements, Operation Level Agreements and Underpinning Contracts.

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Reporting Examples
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About Cherwell Service Management

With Cherwell Service Management (CSM) you have the option of implementing ITIL®-best practices out-of-the-box, with IncidentProblemChangeConfigurationRelease and Service Level Management, and more. Whether you run a Service Desk, Help Desk or Call Centre, Cherwell Servie Management gives you an out of the box solution. The ITIL content was designed and validated by ITIL-Certified Professionals and verified by Pink Elephant. If you choose not to fully embrace ITIL in all respects, Cherwell's unparalleled customisation lets you fit the solution to your needs, using as much or as little of our out-of-the-box content as you desire. We can even configure and implement "ITIL Starter" content to let you get your feet wet. The ITIL standards have become the de-facto best practices in this industry – we can help train your people on the best practices while helping you implement your business processes utilising the right technology.

Cherwell Service Management includes fully-integrated modules such as:

Incident Management, Problem ManagementChange ManagementRelease Management,Configuration ManagementService Level Management, Knowledge Management, Asset Management and Asset Discovery - just to name a few.


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